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"A book is proof

that humans

are capable of magic"

-Carl Sagan

This is me

As passionate about my students' writing as I am about my own, I have been pushing the boundaries of what writing can be and do for over a decade. Lingual communication is probably the most amazing achievement of the human species, and whether we use it for storytelling or for passing information, it continues to be one of our most important, and special, tools. My goals, both artistically and professionally, are to help others develop the skills they need to wield this astounding, magical tool. 

Creative  Writing 

Fiction: Literary, YA, Fantasy/Sci-Fi

 Curriculum Design

Composition      First-Year Collegiate Writing

Prison Programs

 Programing Creative Initiatives

Photo of Joline Scott-Roller

Learning to write is one of the most transformative experiences of a human's life. As a composition instructor for over a decade, I have seen the effects that learning to communicate one's beliefs, thoughts, and ideas in an organized, meaningful way through the written word can have on students of all ages and all backgrounds. Each life is changed in a unique way, but each life is changed. Not only do I continue to teach composition, both in traditional classrooms as well as online and in prison-education programs, but I am now honored to offer services in curriculum and course design. 

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